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Cookies Policy

Our Cookies Policy

When it comes to your privacy, we’re conscious about keeping you in the loop.

Thank you for registering your interest in our Cookies Policy.

Unfortunately, the Cookies we install when you visit our website aren’t edible…in fact, all they are are small files that tell us whether you’ve visited our website before and if so, how you prefer to use it – but don’t worry, the data collected by cookies is not personal and not identifiable.

Cookies gather useful data which tells us just about everything we need to know about our incoming website traffic. We install them in order to inform our future website development and to ensure that we can provide the best user experience possible. So in reality, you’re helping us help you – everyone’s a winner.

Cookies come in two main flavours: Necessary Cookies and Performance Cookies.

Necessary Cookies

These Cookies are installed automatically and allow you to merrily browse the Internet as you wish. None of the information recorded by these cookies can be used for marketing purposes. Instead, these cookies are simply used for navigational purposes and to store your browsing preferences.

Performance Cookies

These Cookies record information about how you’ve used our website. This information helps us to understand how easy it is to navigate our website and also helps us to recognise our key content – that’s the content that Google Analytics recognises is both user friendly and user engaging. This means we can keep our design and content in tip-top shape so that once again, you get the most out of our website.

Thanks again for taking the time to read about our Cookies Policy. Data Advance is committed to ensuring that our policy is always transparent and used to benefit you, the user.

Happy browsing!

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